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IT and Software Development
Course Description Keeping track of your business’s finances by hand can get overwhelming fast. That’s why most business owners use some form of accounting software. QuickBooks is accounting software for business owners who want to keep their finances organized and accurate, but don’t necessarily have a lot of accounting knowledge. QuickBooks Level 2 is the second part of the QuickBooks series where you will build your basic understanding of QuickBooks daily accounting processes. Come learn more advanced functions and capabilities of the software including creating company files, advanced tasks for receivables, payables options, inventory skills, and payroll design. Outcomes Upon successful completion of QuickBooks Level 2, you will: discuss advanced QuickBooks features and applications. be able to add the ability to use QuickBooks to your resume and be employable as a QuickBooks expert. understand how to take charge of your own accounting! obtain a Recognition of Participation certificate. Prerequisites QuickBooks Level 1 Please review/familiarize yourself with these basic accounting terms before starting QuickBooks Level 2: Assets, liabilities, and equity Entering journal transactions Balance sheet Posting transactions Trial balance Entering payables and receivables transactions Income statement Inventory tracking Debits and credits Provincial government remittance process for PST Ledger accounts Federal government remittance process for GST/HST   Please review/familiarize yourself with the following actions before starting QuickBooks Level 2: Moving around the screen Running multiple programs Using the start button Using the clipboard finding documents Using the minimize, restore and close buttons Creating, deleting, renaming, copying and moving files/folders Getting help in Windows Working with Explorer Moving around with the mouse and keyboard Emptying the Recycling Bin Accessing menus and making menu choices Working with the control panel Using Windows programs Using the Print Manager Sizing and moving windows Using TrueType fonts Using the scroll bars Using the Accessories Managing document Using the toolbar and ruler    Notes Course materials are included. This course can be used toward the 150 hour requirement to obtain Blue Seal Certification. For more information go to,



Start date: 05/08/18

7 sessions.

Days of the Week : Weekly - Tue, Thu .

Tuition $465.00

Location : Instructional Building (IB) Location : 
  Instructional Building (IB).

Instructor : Gerilyn Beazer 

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