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Foreign Language
Course Description Wherever community’s of deaf people exist, sign languages have been developed. Signing is not only used by the deaf, it is also used by people who can hear, but cannot physically speak. In linguistic terms, sign languages are as rich and complex as any spoken language. American Sign Language is the predominant method of communication used by the Deaf community in Canada and the United States. It is also used by a growing number of hearing people in order to communicate with family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Sign Language III is designed to increase your signing vocabulary, emphasizing the need for flexibility in the language.  Outcomes Upon successful completion of Sign Language III, you will: implement an extended vocabulary in your signing. understand the flexibility of sign language. communicate more fluently and effectively through sign language. obtain a Recognition of Participation certificate Prerequisites Sign Language Level I and Level II or equivalent. Notes This course is eligible for the Canada – Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), which will reimburse up to 2/3 of the costs of training for organizations that qualify. This course can be used toward the 150 hour requirement to obtain Blue Seal Certification. For more information go to, 



Start date: 04/10/18

5 sessions.

Days of the Week : Weekly - Tue .

Tuition $125.00

Location : Instructional Building (IB) Location : 
  Instructional Building (IB).

Instructor : Craig Fawcett 

Call 403-320-3288 to register

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