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Blue Seal & Trades Certification

Calling All Trades People!

Have you ever thought about enhancing your business training and earning your Blue Seal Certification?

Lethbridge College Corporate and Continuing Education can help.

The Blue Seal Program was established by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry training Board to encourage and recognize business training.  If you are a certified Alberta journeyperson in a designated trade or occupation, earning a Blue Seal proves that you not only meet Alberta's high industry standards, but you also have the drive to develope your business skills and succeed in business.

Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program

If you have a valid Alberta Journeyman Certificate, Alberta Occupational Certificate or a valid recognized trade certificate you are eligible to apply for a Blue Seal Certificate.

The Blue Seal Certificate demonstrates you have demonstrates reasonable effort in the study of business, and possess a respectable amount of knowledge of one or more business topics.  Lethbridge College's Corporate and Continuing Education Centre has 17 of the 18 business subject areas you may study.

To obtain a Blue Seal Certificate you must:

  • complete a program of study approved by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board, or
  • complete 150 hours of study in one or more of the subject areas provided by an approved training provider, and
  • have an Alberta Student Number (ASN) is required to apply for programs and services. To find or obtain an ASN, visit the Alberta Education website at
  • pay the $50.00 non-refundable application fee
  • submit official transcripts and supporting documentation during the application process.
  • complete and submit the online Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Application


Click the above seal for PDF version.

Lethbridge College - Corporate and Continuing Education Blue Seal Certification Eligible Courses

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Administrative Professional Fast Track

  • Minute Taking Made Easy (6 hours)
  • Business Writing (6 hours)
  • Office Procedures (6 hours)
  • Customer Service (6 hours)
  • Dealing with Difficult People (6 hours)
  • Organizing & Holding Effective Meetings (6 hours)

Total 36 Hours

General Management Series

  • General Management Series - Craft your Leadership Brand (6 hours)
  • General Management Series - Communicating Effectively across Channels, Cultures, Continents (6 hours)
  • General Management Series - The Art of Decision Making (6 hours)
  • General Management Series - Business Risk Management (6 hours)
  • General Management Series - Mastering Difficult Conversations (6 hours)
  • General Management Series - Mastering Negotiation (6 hours)

Total 36 Hours

Human Resources Series

  • Human Resources Series - Hire - Build a Team (6 hours)
  • Human Resources Series - Inspire - Invest in Your Team Human Resources Series (6 hours)
  • Human Resources Series - Admire - Retain Your Team(6 hours)
  • Human Resources Series - Retire - Transitions (6 hours)

Total 24 Hours

Marketing Series

  • Marketing Series - Introduction to Marketing (6 hours)
  • Marketing Series - Marketing Communications (6 hours)
  • Marketing Series - Media and Advertising (6 hours)
  • Marketing Series - Online Marketing (6 hours)

Total 24 Hours

Project Management Certification

  • PM: Overview and Integration (22.5 hours)
  • PM: Schedule & Cost Management (15 hours)
  • PM: Scope & Quality Management (15 hours)
  • PM: Leadership & Project Resource Management (15 hours)
  • PM: Stakeholder & Communication Management (15 hours)
  • PM: Risk & Procurement (15 hours)
  • PM: The Business of Project Management (7.5 hours)

Total 105 Hours

Practical Project Management

Total 9 Hours

Supervisor Essentials Series

  • PDEV-741: Supervisor Fundamentals (12 hours)
  • PDEV-742: Effectively Resolve Conflicts (6 hours)
  • PDEV-743: Managing a Diverse and Intergenerational Workforce (6 hours)

Total 24 Hours

Supervisor Leadership Series

  • PDEV-746: Effectively Use Leadership Styles (6 hours)
  • PDEV-747: Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance (6 hours)
  • PDEV-748: Set Meaningful Employee Performance Measures (6 hours)
  • PDEV-749: Team Dynamics (6 hours)
  • PDEV-750: Lead Staff through Change (6 hours)
  • PDEV-751: Coach for High Performance (6 hours)

Total 36 Hours

Many More...

  • Bookkeeping Skills (36 hours)
  • Introduction to Payroll (12 hours)
  • Leading and Managing Change (6 hours each)
  • QuickBooks Level 1 and Level 2 (21 hours each)
  • Sage Level 1 and Level (21 hours each)
  • Sign Language I, II, III (25 hours each)
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (30 hours each)


For employers or employees seeking professional development training.