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Be Fit for Life | Workplace Wellness Program

Each workplace has unique factors such as job type, work hours, population and age. The Workplace Wellness Program planning team creates a program specific to those factors.

The Be Fit for Life Workplace Wellness Program is a physical activity and knowledge based intervention program for your worksite. The program format is adaptable and can be totally customized to meet your workplace needs. Our program may draw from other community experts depending on the needs of your workplace.

Proven Benefits

For Employees:
  • Understand and improve current fitness levels
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Higher workplace morale
  • Create and understand a healthy lifestyle
For Employers:
  • Fewer sick days per employee
  • Decrease in health benefits cost per employee
  • Bring employees closer together to increase productivity and overall happiness


" Such an awesome opportunity to experience a myriad of activities with remarkable instructors. This [challenge] gave me the enthusiasm to explore, participate, and progress. How could you not venture?"

Arlene Plate
City of Lethbridge Employee

" What we really liked about the program is the variety of activities and information sessions we could choose from. It gave out staff an opportunity to try different activities like volleyball, yoga and weight training and the opportunity to learn about what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle"

Sonny Zgurski
Lethbridge Family Services


  • Approximately two thirds of Canadian adults are inactive
  • Physical inactivity costs the Canadian Health Care System $5.3 billion in direct and indirect costs annually (2003)
  • Physical activity aids in the prevention of some chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome)
  • Workers who are stressed had a 46% higher health care costs, unhealthy weights had 21% higher costs and physical inactivity had 10% higher costs to the health care system