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Be Fit for Life | School Programs | Outreach

Move & Play Through Physical Literacy

Children who are physically literate move with confidence and competence in a wide variety environments utilizing a multitude of fundamental movement skills. Students will experience fundamental movements in a game based approach to skill development and learn ways to help them become active for life!

Audience: 3yrs- 12yrs

Aboriginal Traditional Games- NEW!!!

The Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association and the Be Fit For Life Network partnered on this project to provide a resource to share Traditional Games with our partners in Alberta.  This resource is designed to support the sharing of these games with children, youth, and families.  The games in this resource link traditional culture and values to physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.  Use these cards to share the history and culture of Traditional Games, and note how the skills and values are still very important today.   

Audience: K-12

Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands are versatile tools for a variety of active learning opportunities in the classroom or the gym. They provide ways to make learning exciting across subject areas. Discover how to use resistance bands to get your students moving and learning while having fun all at the same time!

Audience: K-4

Healthy Heart

Students learn the fundamentals on what makes them “tick.” Students will learn about their hearts, how they work, and ways to take their own heart rate. Using various intensities of activity, the students will understand how their hearts respond to exercise and the importance of a healthy heart!

Audience: K-6

Yoga for the Classroom

Are you looking for a way to incorporate yoga into your classroom? The new Yoga Techniques for the Classroom Program includes both PowerPoint and Yoga Cards to help bring energy, balance, calm and relaxation to students. This session includes yoga techniques, and cross curricular games.

Audience: K-9

Active Living Challenge

Students get active with this fitness activity designed to challenge their fitness levels. The challenge includes participation in four areas: Cardio Groove, Flexibility Challenge, Hold your CORE, and a Sit & Stand Challenge. Teachers are provided with the resources to re-test the students.

Audience: Grades 4-6

B.A.S.E.C. Body

Students get a lot of variety with this introduction to circuit training. They will learn basic fitness through balance, agility, strength, endurance, and core training using a variety of Fitter® First® (Balance and Fitness for Life) equipment to challenge their bodies in a fun, safe and appropriate manner.

Audience: Grades 4-10

In the Zone - Heart Health

Students will learn the importance of the heart, how it works, basic anatomy and how to monitor their heart rate during exercise and understand training intensities to help them improve fitness levels and performance in sport!

Audience: Grades 7-12


Olympic Sports Circuit

Train like the pro’s! Shred, slide and shoot your way towards excellence! Your students will love this energetic circuit based program that focuses on summer and winter Olympic sports. Circuit’s are a quick and effective way to achieve moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity.


Lunch or After School Programming

We will come into your school at lunch or after school to facilitate physical activity and learning opportunities for students during those critical hours. This may include pedometer challenges, physical literacy, games and health and wellness learning opportunities.


**Custom programming available upon request. This may include various fitness opportunities such as hip hop, zumba, strength training***

For more information please contact Tiffany Wideen at 403-320-3202 ext. 5379 or