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Move & Play Through Physical Literacy Workshops

Are you looking for ways to incorporate  fundamental movement skills with your students?  Discover ways to use the Move & Play through Physical Literacy cards to assist you in integrating physical literacy into a variety of programs, activities and environments. 

Workshops geared towards the early years, use in the classroom, afterschool care settings and school sports teams. Contact us today to find out which workshop would best suit your needs.                                                              

Audience: teachers or assistants who work with 3-12 year olds

Price: $200 (includes one resource)

FUNdamental Movement Skills (FMS) in the Classroom

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the building blocks of a lifetime of physical activity.  Come and discover ways to incorporate Fundamental Movement skill development into your classroom. Explore FMS through cross curricular connections and DPA in a fun and energetic environment. Leave with lesson plan ideas and a multitude of interactive ways to engage your students and help them become confident and competent movers who will become Active for Life.

Audience: Teachers or assistants who work with children 3-12years

Price:  $200.00

NCCP: Fundamental Movement Skills- Coach PD

During this 4 hour workshop, participants are given the opportunity to create simple games to improve fundamental movement skills such as throwing, hopping, skipping, catching, kicking, striking, balancing and agility.

Audience: Coaches with previous NCCP training or teachers

Cost: $500 (course workbooks an additional $10 per person)

Yoga Techniques for the Classroom Workshop

Are you looking for a way to incorporate yoga into your classroom? The new Yoga Techniques for the Classroom Program includes both PowerPoint and Yoga Cards to help bring energy, balance, calm and relaxation to staff and students. This session includes yoga techniques, games, discussion, and brainstorming.

Audience: K-9 Teachers or assistants

Price: $200 (includes one resource)


ActiveAte (4-8)

The ActiveAte presentation offers a unique approach to lifestyle change combining the three components essential to the development of a healthier lifestyle in one complete program. ActiveAte is designed to teach children the importance of, and the necessary skills to lead long, healthy and productive lives.

Topics will include:
• Nutrition education
• Behavioral change
• Physical activity.

Audience: Grades 4-8 Teachers

Price: $200 (includes one resource)


Email or call 403-320-3202 ext 5379 today to book your workshop!