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Welcome the Corporate and Continuing Education Department of Lethbridge College. We are excited and looking forward to seeing you in our courses soon. Your safety is our top priority, and we are currently making plans that align with the provincial guidelines for reopening. Registration is open for future classes, but all delivery dates are currently subject to change.
We ask for your understanding as we deal with these unprecedented circumstances.

Welcome to our Online Registration Site.

Welcome to Lethbridge College’s Corporate and Continuing Education centre. We believe education is a lifelong experience. Whether you are a business owner looking for customized training for your employees or pursuing a new hobby with friends, we can help you achieve your goals.

  • make you invaluable in your career
  • turn your passion into new possibilities
  • elicit your creativity and hidden talents
  • expand your network of relationships
  • are even more fun when taken with a friend
  • make a perfect gift
  • can even help you save lives
  • and more...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting 2019 Canada Revenue Agency will require SIN's for all students wishing to be issued a T2202A from any Canadian post secondary institution.  Please provided your social insurance number under Tab 3 in your profile.  The security of your information is important to us and will be masked and will only show the last 4-digits. For further information regarding this matter please refer to Canada Revenue Agency click here.

NOTE: That if we do not receive your SIN number we will not be able to issue a T2202A.

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