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Corporate and Business Training

At Lethbridge College, we have nearly 60 years of experience helping businesses reach their potential.  With our expertise in curriculum development and adult education, we develop and deliver courses to meet your professional needs.

Why should you invest in Corporate Training?

In an increasingly competitive and globalized economy, enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of an organization is critical to success. While technology and systems play a part, people, empowered with knowledge and skills are the key. 

Don't ignore training in tough times.

You can't control the economy, but you can control hour your company reacts to changing economic conditions.  Corporate training is a critical tool that effective organizations use to accelerate talent development and achieve company goals.  By acknowledging and supporting employee skills, you will increase employee satisfaction and experience better retention rates, performance and efficiency, helping you business grow and thrive in any economic environment.

Why invest in corporate training?  We can help your organizations:

  • engage and retain your employees
  • create new markets and grow your existing customer base
  • navigate shifting economic and political trends
  • respond to changing customer tastes and demands
  • adopt new technologies and increase efficiency

Which employees will benefit from our training?

  • new-hires
  • employee promoted to new duties
  • new supervisors and entry-to mid-level managers
  • staff addpting to new tecnologies or systems
  • old benefit from refresher coursesemployees who ch
  • senior management

Corporate Training courses

We develop and deliver courses to meet your specific occupational or professional needs.  Our courses are carefully designed for the purpose of maintaining and improving professional competence and promoting occupational growth.

Customized training solutions
Do you require a unique training experience?  Let us build you a custom training program by applying our expertise in curriculum development.

Every situation is different.  We want to truly understand your company's goals and specific training and development needs.

Design and Build
If your needs are not fully met by one of our existing programs, we'll collaborate to degin and build a solution to suit your unique needs.

Our expert facilitators will provide exceptional learning experiences that engage your staff members and meet your organizational objectives.  These solutions will be delivered at a time and location that works best for you. 

Job grants make training easier in tough times

Take advantage of the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), which can cover up to two thrirs of your training costs, up to $10,000 per employee.  We offer inventory of CAJG eligible courses, and you can customize any of our content to meet CAJG requirements.  Learn more.

For employers or employees seeking professional development training.